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I provide articles, quotes or dietary analysis for various nutrition, health and wellness websites, magazines, newspapers, and journals.

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Joanne Jackson, a nutritionist based at the Natural Health Clinic in Cardiff, believes the food you eat can enhance your sex drive. But it’s not down to stuffing yourself with exotic aphrodisiac foods – it’s more a case of eating really healthily. “Changing your diet to be nutrient dense and well balanced enables your body to adjust automatically to hormone changes,” she says. …Read more.

High50 UK [Online]. “Eat your way to a better libido” by Christine Morgan.

“Do you suffer from indigestion?” by Joanne Jackson.

“Many people nowadays seem to suffer from digestive issues including indigestion. Perhaps relating to the types of food being eaten, poor eating habits, emotional tension, or the fast pace of life resulting in eating on the go and in a hurry.” …Read more.

Nutritionist Resource [Online]. September 10th 2014

“Nutrient Timing: When to consume your carbohydrates and proteins is key. If you eat in good time before you exercise and your blood sugar is stable, there is less need to eat so quickly afterwards”. …Read more.


Nutritionist Resource [Online]. June 4th 2014

“An injury or an ache can put you out of riding action for a long time. As well as rest, physio and making small tweaks to your bike set up, guest author and Nutritional Therapist Joanne Jackson shows us the right nutrition to aid recovery from cycle injuries and common complaints”. Read more …


Tredz Blog [Online]. “Nutrition to aid recovery from cycle injuries” by Sally Thomas. February 18th 2014.

“I’m Feeling Tired And Worn Out Constantly!”

“Nutrition for Energy. Are you feeling tired and worn out? Do you suffer fatigue, sore muscles, or memory loss? You might have metabolic burnout! All of the cells that together make up our body have their own “cellular furnaces” where fuel from food is burned to produce energy.” Read more…

Posted on February 6, 2014 by Joanne Jackson in Inspirational News [Online].

“Just as people spring clean their homes, your diet needs the same attention and Joanne Jackson, from Whole Nutrition, says now is the perfect time to shrug off those feelings of sluggishness and make some changes to diet and eating habits to help us feel energised and revitalised.” …Read more.

Western Mail and Wales online [Online]. “Shrug off winter sluggishness with a spring-friendly diet” by Rachel Mainwaring

““Myhealth” by Rachel Mainwaring.

“HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU? I take a preventative approach to my own and my family's health. This approach involves using nutritional therapy to ensure we have an adequate intakes of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to maintain our health and support the exercise we do. WHAT'S IN YOUR FRIDGE? Lots of fruit and veg for the juicer like carrots, celery, tomatoes, pineapple, root ginger, lemons and limes. Oh, and a chocolate dessert - well, we all need a once a week treat!” Read more …

Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), June 16, 2012.

Feel body Beautiful – Local experts offer their advice on losing weight, toning up and achieving that all-important bridal glow for the big day. In this article, nutritional therapist Joanne Jackson suggests how nutrition plays a key role in the growth and appearance of hair, skin and nails, the benefits of blood sugar balance in managing stress, and menu ideas. Read more …

(July/August 2012) Issue 26  Your South Wales Wedding magazine




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