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Before your Consultation
Before you attend the initial consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire covering medical history, current health issues, and lifestyle, and a 3-day food diary. These areas will be discussed at the consultation as they provide vital clues about how any current health issues may be related to nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins/allergens, biochemical imbalances and/or genetic factors.
Ideally you should complete and return these at least one week prior to your consultation. This allows time for a preliminary analysis and any necessary clinical research so that maximum benefit can be gained from the consultation.

The first nutritional therapy consultation lasts 75-90 minutes, during which we will discuss your health goals, past medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. Once the underlying causes of the symptoms have been assessed you will receive an explanation of what might be causing your symptoms and how dietary or lifestyle changes may help alleviate them. Your programme will be developed with you, recommending dietary and lifestyle changes and explaining the reasons why these are likely to be beneficial.

Following the consultation, you will receive a report with dietary, supplement (if appropriate) and lifestyle recommendations designed to help you optimise your health, that will fit into your life and work for you. You will also receive a range of information hand-outs to support your programme including: meal ideas, recipes, and shopping guides.

Follow-up Consultations
A review is scheduled to help monitor your progress. Follow-up sessions are generally 45-60 minutes long. Most people require at least two or three follow-up sessions to cover all test result analyses, supplement and food plan recommendations. There are some conditions that may require a longer-term relationship for sustained management. It can take time for the body to respond and come back into balance, although you can expect to see some immediate improvements. Remember this is about resolving the underlying factors involved.
If you are already receiving medical treatment for a condition, Whole Nutrition will liaise with your GP, with your permission, to determine the best joint programme for you.
Clients are encouraged to keep in touch via telephone or email and this support is included in the cost for two weeks following the consultation. Additional contact will be charged. Follow up consultations on the telephone are at a pro-rata rate based on the consultation fees.

Consultations are strictly confidential. All client information is held in accordance with current data protection legislation.


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