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Whole Nutrition Business Solutions

Whole Nutrition provides small businesses and large organisations with a number of services tailored to meet their specific needs. Services include: nutritional workshops, drop-in nutrition clinics, small group sessions and a weight loss and fitness programmes to enhance employee welfare programmes.

The aim is to: motivate, educate and empower employees to optimise their health and performance.
This can have life changing benefits for your employees and increased productivity for you.

Benefits for employees:

Benefits for your company:

Options available:

Individual consultations - These are ideal for employees who had have prolonged time off work due to specific health concerns such as: stress, depression, poor sleep or for those needing help with weight management. These consultations last between half an hour and an hour and take into account medical history, eating habits and any current supplements and medications. A nutrition programme is developed to help address any health issues, and to provide guidance to achieve health goals. This can be offered as part of a staff benefits package or paid for by staff themselves at a corporate rate. By having the nutritional therapist on site, it is possible to see a large number of people in a short time, reducing time away from the office.

Small group sessions - Talks or workshops are offered focusing on the specific needs of the business, lasting from one hour to a full day. Topics include: eating well in the corporate environment, boosting immunity to prevent ill health, eating for increased productivity and energy, weight loss, stress management, food and mood (nutrition for mental health).

Drop In Clinics - Full or half day access to a highly qualified nutritional therapist on site. Allowing employees to drop in with nutrition and health related questions. For example: how to avoid frequent colds, how food affects mood, how to improve energy, and how to improve sleep quality.

Contact Whole Nutrition today on 07970 227037 for more information, to assess your needs and make your booking. Whole Nutrition supports businesses in Cardiff and the surrounding area.





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